The HNI unit removes the danger of needle stick injuries totally. This desk top unit is used to incinerate the needle immediately after the injection has been administered. The incineration process is a one handed operation thus reducing the chance of needle stick injuries. The incineration process only takes two to three seconds to complete.

The high temperatures involved being between 1500 - 2000 degrees centigrade during the incineration process kills off all bacteria. Another major advantage is that after the needle has been incinerated it is no longer sharp and the syringe can then be disposed of together with the soft waste, swabs, bandages, etc. and can be incinerated in the Safe Waste Unit. HNI001F is the same as the HNI001 but it has an extractor fan to remove any oders.

HNI 001FF Models incinerate all gauges and types of needle!
HNI 001F Mains Unit 220 V AC or 110V AC
DIMENSIONS: Height 95mm x Width 170mm x Length 300mm


The Units have the SABS EMI TEST and also the European Mark, IEC 1010/1 and CSA/UL.

Power Supply: 220V AC or 110V AC
Dimensions: Height 175mm x Length 360mm x Width 225mm per unit packed
Unit Weight: 3.8 kg's gross
Packaging: 4 units per box
Packing Dimensions: Height 385mm x Width 385mm x Length 375mm
Gross Weight: 16.2 kg's


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