The present method of disposal is to place the needle and syringe into a plastic container directly after the needle has come out of the patient. The risk factor of this method is not substantially reduced as the needle is not destroyed.  There is also the chance of theft and re-use.

The HNI 001F and HNI 002 can incinerate all gauges of needles. The HNI 002 Portable Unit is specially designed for portability such as ambulances and emergency vehicles. It also has the benefits that the nursing staff can move the unit around the ward on a medicine trolley.

The HNI unit is serviceable, totally safe and is constructed in such a way that no cleaning
liquid can enter the electrical area.

The HNI 002 can incinerate 300, 21 gauge needles before it needs recharging. Recharging time is approximately 5.5 hours. The HNI 002 has indicator lights situated on top which reflect the status of the batteries.

In a number of the larger hospitals all medical refuse is incinerated at a central point. The HNI unit removes the chance of needle stick injuries dring the transportation of the needles to the central incinerator. The HNI unit incinerates the needle immediately after use.

The HNI unit has one big advantage over the other methods such as plastic containers. The HNI unit is capital goods and can be offset against tax whereas the plastic containers are consumable and not tax deductable.

The unit is totally safe under normal operating conditions and there is no chance of receiving an electrical shock. This unit carries a 12 month guarantee

HNI 002 Portable Rechargeable Unit 220V AC / 110V AC or 12V DC
DIMENSIONS: Height 95mm x Width 170mm x Length 300mm


The Units have the SABS EMI TEST and also the European Mark, IEC 1010/1 and CSA/UL.

Power Supply: 220V AC or 110V AC or 12V DC
Dimensions: Height 170mm x Length x 360mm x Width 225mm per unit packed
Unit Weight: 3.3kg's gross
Packaging: 4 units per box
Packing Dimensions: Height 385mm x Width 385mm x Length 375mm
Gross Weight: 14.2 kg's
Charging: The unit incinerates 300, 21 gauge needles before recharging


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