HNI 001FF Mains Unit, HNI 002 Portable Rechargeable Unit, The HNI range has international test certificates - IEC 1010, UL CSA, EMI, and the

The HNI 001FF & HNI 002, were designed and developed using only the best materials available. The desktop units were especially designed for the safety of all medical personnel at high risk of needle stick injuries, e.g. doctors, nurses, ambulance workers, paramedics and hospital cleaning staff or any person who handles hypodermic needles.

Needle stick injury, a reality that all medical staff have to worry about because of the dangers of contracting infectious diseases such as Hepatitis, AIDS and many others.


Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Laboratories, Medical Practices, Hospices, Dental Clinics, Veterinary Clinics, Infection Control Nurses, Occupational Health Staff, Health and Safety Officers, Genito-Urinary Nurses, Dialysis Nurses, Isolation Units, Immunization Clinics, HIV Clinics, Blood Transfusion Centers, Prison and Police Services, Drug Dependency Units, Ambulance and Emergency Vehicles, Old Age Homes


If the HNI units are used in conjunction with SHARPS containers, at least 50% more syringes with incinerated needles will fit into the container thus giving a cost saving in the use of these containers. The units can also be used without the expense of the Sharps container and the syringe can be disposed of through the normal medical waste system.

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