SAFE WASTE TURBO 2000 Vi - Mobile soft medical waste incinerator. Non fuel fired incinerator for a cleaner environment

Laboratory tests and field trials were done on the Safe Waste unit for W.H.O/UNICEF in conjunction with the CSIR and the Health Department as well as other important role players. With good results.

This compact, mobile unit offers unbeatable performance when it comes to size and economy. The unit only needs standard 220V or 110V power to operate. It has the capacity to incinerate a wide variety of waste materials at a rate of 20kg's per hour making it vastly more cost effective than larger conventional units. The Safe Waste Unit is also environmentally friendly being virtually smoke and emission-free.

Safe Waste Incinerators are suitable for a number of important applications in industry and the medical sector. Being mobile gives the Safe Waste Unit an important advantage over conventional incinerators because it reduces the need to handle and transport toxic and other dangerous waste because it is incinerated on site.

C&S Marketing has combined the use of the Safe Waste Unit with the HNI (Hypodermic Needle Incinerator) Range of products and a range of disposable cardboard boxes. The smaller box fits under the HNI unit for the collection of soft waste while the larger box is used for the collection of all forms of soft medical waste and fits into the Safe Waste incinerator. Separation bins for medical and general waste can be supplied as consumables

The Safe Waste Unit is ideal for disposing of medical soft waste as well as a wide variety of industrial and office waste in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly manner. The unit requires no additional fuel for complete incineration.

The Unit is robust and carries a 12 month guarantee for operations under normal working conditions. Operation is simple and safe and requires minimal training for the operator.

  • Requires a standard 220v or 110v power supply

  • Mobile - virtually smoke free with minimal emissions

  • Disposes of 20kg of waste per hour


Laboratory tests and field trials were done on the Safe Waste unit for W.H.O and UNICEF with very good results

Power Supply: 220V AC or 110V AC (*Special Order with Generator)
Dimensions: Height 1270mm x Width 700mm x Depth 900mm
Unit Weight: 75 kg
Packing Dimensions: Height 1470mm x Width 900mm x Depth 1100mm
Safe waste turbo 2000Vi - mobile sort medical waste incinerator

A Safe Waste Unit with a generator is ideal for use in areas where electricity is unreliable, or not available ( Special Order)

SAFE WASTE TURBO 4000 DVi - Mobile soft medical waste incinerator. Non fuel fired incinerator for a cleaner environment

The Safe Waste Turbo 4000 DVi was specifically designed for larger quantities of medical and plastic waste. The reduction of waste has been between 5 - 8% of volume. The temperatures have varied depending on the materials being incinerated but range between 850 - 1050 deg.C.

The lid of the unit is on a fixed mount and therefore not removable as per the Safe Waste turbo 2000Vi, but can be opened for easy loading.

Combustion time ranges between 40 - 55min.
Capacity 40 - 50 kgs per hour.

Very much like the Safe Waste Turbo 2000 Vi, the extension stack burns the exhaust gases before being emitted from the secondary chamber.

There is minimal smoke emission during the "start up" procedure.

The unit is designed with a fixed inner basket and the primary combustion chamber can be tipped so as to facilitate the easy removal of the ash.

During the incineration process only minimal intervention from the operator is required. The operator only needs to use the stoker to move the waste to enable air to circulate once the process is 60% of the way through. This unit can be operated by unskilled labour after minimal training.

The combustible material must be +/- 40 - 45% of the volume of waste.
The unit is fully mobile.

The unit weighs 165 kgs and the size is:
1450mm(w) x 1600mm(h) x 1100(deep). This is the packed size; when in operation the height is with the extension stack: 2500mm


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