Medical Waste

Medical waste is an ever-growing problem worldwide. The COVID 19 pandemic has made the problem worse due to the large volume of personal protection equipment (PPE’s).  Masks, plastic face shields, gloves, gowns, hair covers etc., have to be safely disposed of.  These volumes have increased and will continue to increase exponentially in the years to come.  Disposing of these products in open land fills is not safe or environmentally friendly.

Sanitary waste is another ever-increasing problem.  Schools, office blocks, hotels, guest houses etc., offer a provision for the disposal of sanitary wear in bins.  However, many of these end up in the normal sewage system or in open landfills due to the costs or logistics for collection and safe disposal.

In most circumstances, such as, hospitals and clinics, medical waste is collected in colour coded plastic bags (red bags for hazardous medical waste).

Typically, the rule is that this waste should not be stored for more than 72 hours.  

In many cases this waste is not collected during the specified time frames.  Many of the service providers are overwhelmed with the volume of medical waste which makes it harder and harder to meet the deadlines.

The Solution

Soft Medical Waste


The SAFE WASTE TURBO 2000Vi has been designed specifically for the onsite incineration of medical waste and other combustible waste. This unit is a non-fuel fired mobile incinerator



The Safe Waste Turbo 4000DVi was specifically designed for larger quantities of medical and plastic waste. The reduction of waste has been between 5 – 8% of volume. The temperatures have varied depending on the materials being incinerated but range between 850 – 1050 deg.C.

The lid of the unit is on a fixed mount and therefore not removable as per the Safe Waste turbo 2000Vi, but can be opened for easy loading.

Combustion time ranges between 40 – 55min.
Capacity 40 – 60 kgs per hour.

Very much like the Safe Waste Turbo 2000Vi, the extension stack burns the exhaust gases before being emitted from the secondary chamber.